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Our Security Solutions

At Ace Guard Pte. Ltd, we take pride in delivering a comprehensive range of security solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. With a steadfast commitment to safety and a wealth of experience, we offer the following security services:

Lead Management Team

Our lead management team comprises professionals with years of experience in the security industry, they are dedicated to overseeing all aspects of your security needs. Their expertise and strategic insight ensures that all security concerns are addressed to achieve the highest level of safety for our clients.

Operations Executive

The operations executive oversees the deployment of our security personnel, ensuring that each operation is executed with precision and efficiency. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to client satisfaction, our operations executive ensures that our security services meet and exceed your expectations.

24-Hours Command Centre

Staffed around the clock by our well trained personnel, the command centre serves as the central hub for monitoring, response, and coordination. Being available 24/7 means we are always ready to counter any security concerns no matter the time of day.

Senior Duty Officer

A senior duty officer possesses a wealth of experience on everything concerning security management. They oversee all security matters, have a say in critical decisions, and ensure all security protocols are executed flawlessly.

Walkie Talkie Sets

Having constant, clear, and effective communication is paramount in ensuring our clients receive the highest standard of safety and security. This is where our walkie-talkie sets are used in our team to further enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations.

Electronic Clocking Device

Electronic clocking devices are far more accurate and convenient compared to the traditional methods of pen and paper. These devices ensure that the security personnel are stationed at the correct location at the right time.

Security Risk Survey

A comprehensive security risk survey is a meticulous assessment designed to identify any potential vulnerabilities in your current security measures. Through this, we are able to understand your security needs, along with accommodating any unique requests you have.

Investigation Team

Our Investigation Team addresses various internal concerns within our clients' organization, such as theft, inventory loss, sabotage, vandalism, and monitoring of suspicious staff.

Bomb Threat, Suspicious Person, & Fire Emergency Exercise

Preparing for the unexpected is vital in keeping security measures up to date. Our team is well versed in conducting bomb threat, suspicious person, and fire emergency drills.

Our Security Services

We offer a wide array of top-tier security services tailored to meet your unique security needs. Adding on, we are also committed to safeguarding your interests and ensuring a secure environment.

Back Up Security Personnel

If you need additional security, our back-up security personnel are readily available to step in and bolster your security measures.


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